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Bronwyn in Pilbara Studio
Bronwyn with Remmy


Bronwyn's background is in graphic design and illustration.  As a child she always loved drawing, painting and anything creative.  She is proud to say that her first artistic recognition was winning the Australian VEGIMITE colouring-in competition when she was 3 or 4 years old (no-one can remember which)!

In 1981, she was selected for “Art Express” the national school leavers art exhibition.  After leaving school she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for about 10 years.  From this, she developed a career in marketing and it wasn't until 2004 that she was able to begin painting full time. 


Her first solo show resulted with all works selling on opening night and since then her artistic career has continued to grow, with paintings held in both private and public collections in Australia, the UK, USA, and Hong Kong.  

She has won numerous awards and her work has been featured in various publications, highlighting her ability to capture the essence of her subject with boldness and sensitivity. 

Bronwyn is perhaps best known for her emotive, luminescent landscapes and her work in portraiture.


She also teaches art classes from her Balmain studio in Sydney, Australia  and other selected venues.

Bronwyn in her Pilbara Studio
Bronwyn in Balmain Studio

"Over the last few years I have lived in various parts of Australia from country NSW to the desert regions of WA.  I have also spent time studying, painting and exhibiting in Europe. These places have had a fundamental influence in my recent work."

“In all my work, my goal is to remain truthful in my response to a subject."

Bronwyn with Remmy
Bronwyn with Steve Bisley Painting

“I have an eternal fascination with light:  the effects with various pigments, the source and colour of the light, and the way in which it falls on various subjects. I often use stark tonal values, enhancing space, depth and the illusion of the 3 dimensional within a two dimensional plane.”

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