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Rainy Rush Hour, Urban Lights Series

Ether, 86cm x 112cm

Giudecca della Notte 1, 2 & 3, urban lights series triptych

Blue Swamp1, Diptych

Blue Swamp 2, Diptych

Giudecca della Notte I, 71cm x 97cm urban lights series

Sand Storm, 81cm x 81cm

Shrouded Murmur, 107cm x 153cm

Rosso Illuminare II, Urban Lights Series 71cm x 97cm

Opal, 76cm x 112cm Oil on Linen

Giudecca della Notte II, 71cm x 97cm urban lights series


Giudecca della Notte I, urban lights series 87cm x 112cm

Warlu Way Dusk

Giudecca della Notte III, urban lights series 71cm x 97cm

Night Fishing

Hidden Forest 2

New Years Eve on the Harbour, urban lights series 87cm x112cm oil & acrylic on linen

Blue Swamp, Diptych

Fearless, oil and resin on linen

Story Tale, 86cm x 112cm

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